and here is what they say:

I had been looking for something like the tag*a*long stroller handle for some time! The handle arrived quickly and was in perfect condition. We went to the Zoo, and attached the handle to the stroller so that my 3 year old could have his independence but I could still keep him close. My son LOVED being able walk next to his stroller and this handle was easy for him to grip and hold on to! I even tried it on his wagon and my son stayed close and didn't let go of the handle. I would recommend this to anyone that has a child that is learning to be independent and for parents that want to keep their kids close. LOVE THIS PRODUCT and I would buy over and over again!”

“We got this for our first big travel trip through the airport vacation and on a cruise. It was the perfect thing for our 3 1/2 year old who wants the feeling of doing it himself (Mr. Independent) but also being safe. I’ve always just said hold on to my pocket but with the help of the tagalong strap it was like he was helping me w/ his younger brother who was in the stroller that it was attached too. He always knew to hold on to his strap while we walked along the streets and at all the destination spots. We were very happy w/ purchase.”

"Great idea and it actually works for my daughter. She is almost 6 now, so old enough to understand the dangers of a parking lot. Not sure I'd trust a younger child to hold on without getting distracted and letting go. But for my "big girl", it's a hit."

"I had seen this in a kids magazine and thought it was a great idea. Finally thought to look for it on the web and found it here on Amazon. Love it, my 4 y/o loves it more!"

"Grab a tag, girls!" My 4 and 2 year old stick right by our stroller with these tags (we have 2). We use our stroller in very crowded and awkward places (Heathrow Airport, LAX, Malls all over the world...). I have not had a problem keeping the girls with me since we started using these. It allows them to walk by the stroller without being 'under the wheel' by staying too close."

"This is an awesome product. We live in a big city and it is really difficult to hold my two older boys hands while pushing the stroller. Now they just hold right on and I push away. They love their blue tag-alongs."