How do I know my child will hold on?

No one really knows what their toddler or preschooler is going to do from one minute to the next. However - in our own personal experience and tons of feedback... we have found kids to be naturally attracted to the tag*a*long. Partly it is the bright colors and the other part is that kids just want their OWN spot. It gives them something to focus on. Some will let go - but a gentle reminder brings them back. We definitely don’t recommend having a 2 year old holding onto it to cross a street. But a 3 or 4 year old or older - it is a great way to keep them close and give them responsibility - it also frees up your own hands so you can push the stroller, shopping cart or hold a younger child’s hand. Only you know your own child and their abilities. But it is amazing to watch a child fall in love with their tag*a*long. We have been called - the ‘magic handle’ for a reason!

What is the square piece/tooth in the smile for?

The square piece found at the handle portion of the tag*a*long is a safety feature. We did not want parents or caregivers to mistake the loop for a tether. Nor did we want a child's hand to slip through. We tested (and retested) the space where a child's hand goes with 3 - 5 year olds and found there was enough space for a child to hold on comfortably.


Why can’t my child just hold onto the side of the stroller ?

Sure - your child can just hold onto the side of the stroller, but the great thing about the tag*a*long is it is not only fun for the little people but it also keeps them at  just the right distance so they don’t trip up in the wheels. And at $9.99 we and many other parents - think it is totally worth it.

What is the age recommendation?

We state on our website and packaging - 3 and up - though that being said we had our own 2.5 year old who sometimes wouldn't LET GO of the tag*a*long because he wanted to be like his big brother. This is what is so great. Kids just love them. It is something to call their own and foster independence.

Is this BPA free?

The material is one that does not contain BPA. The material has also been tested here in the United States to meet the CPSIA standards as well as in the European Union meeting their standards as well.

What are some of the other features of the tag*a*long?

Length - Our length was chosen to keep your child at arm's length - close enough to keep in sight but far enough to feel independent. We never wanted a child to be out of your line of sight (such as falling behind the stroller while you are pushing.) The material and length were carefully chosen so to not pose a strangulation risk. We also wanted the tag*a*long to be just the right amount of length away from the stroller so no little feet got caught up in wheels.

One piece - Our design is simple! One piece and easy to understand how to use. No clips, buckles etc.

Fun colors and shape - This makes it enticing to a little kid. We have watched kids at playgrounds wander over to our stroller and touch the tag*a*long. Curiosity is attracted to these two features.

Made in the USA - We all know it is a rare occurrence these days but it is something we believe in and will continue to do no matter what people say.

Versatility:  Over the past 9 years we have found (mostly via our customers) other uses for the tag*a*long. Many Moms love to use it at the grocery store/Target etc. Often Moms purchase 2 for this reason. We have a Mom who uses it  when she travels to attach to her luggage for her two boys. We have a Mom who uses it on her infant car seat to walk in and out of preschool with her 2.5 year old. We have even had a Mom use it on her wheelchair and tell us she could finally take walks with her daughter and feel like she was holding her hand.